Mounting Accessories
Travers hosts a large assortment of Indicator Mounting Accessories including Dovetail Extensions, High Rectangular Bars, 90 Degree Lug Back, Angle Attachment For Indicator, Clamp Sleeve, Cylindrical Holder, Dovetail Body Clamp, Drop Indicator Spindle Lifting Cable, Gage Holder, Inch/Metric Conversion Bushing, Long Swivel Support, Lug Back, Swivel Clamp, Universal Clamp, USB Power Cable, USB Proximity Cable and more. They are perfect to use with standard-sized Stem Indicators, Dial Indicators, Test Indicators, or Dovetail Indicators. The base material used to make these Mounting Accessories are industry-grade and tested to withstand standing industrial conditions. Machinists have many more choices available to them now. Choose from over 40 options of Indicator Mounting Accessories for both traditional or custom applications and stock up on your supplies of new-age Measuring & Inspection tools at Travers.
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