Multi Purpose Grease & Paste
If you are looking for Multi-Purpose Grease & Paste then your search ends here because Travers has an amazing set fine picked just for you. The brands available here are AGS, Castrol, and CRC. These brands collectively provide different types of Multi-Purpose Grease & Paste so that you can find exactly what you were looking for. The types available are Metal Cutting Lubricant and Multi-purpose lubricant. The different compositions offered here are Non-drying film, Semi-Solid Wax, and Wax. Moreover, the Multipurpose grease and pastes provided by different brands have unique features that are customized to your needs. These greases and pastes come in different container sizes like 1lbs, 1 & 5 Gallon, 11oz to 43 oz. AGS offers Tap-Ease Metal Cutting Lubricant in container sizes of 43oz and 1lb. The composition of this solution is Semi-solid Wax. This metal cutting lubricant from AGS is the clean and convenient solution for smoother and faster cuts. Castrol has a 140 Stick-Wax Metal Working Lubricant that is non-toxic and can resist abrasions. It has the composition of wax. It comes in a container of 150 oz. CRC provides Multi-Purpose Lubricant that comes in 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 11 oz containers. The composition of this lubricant is a non-drying film and its specialty is that it is food safe.
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