Multi-Point Holder Sets with Inserts
Switch to smart buying option on Travers with these Multi-Point Holder Sets. We are offering drill tool sets that include an indexable holder, Center & Peripheral Inserts, along with fasteners & tighteners, all fitted in a sturdy & easy-to-carry case. Multi-Point Holder Sets include drill series like King Drills, WCMX Drills, & ZTD. Various drill inserts like SPGT/SPMT/WCMX Carbide inserts are included. You can use these Multi-Point Holder Sets for depth of cut ranging between 1.25 inches to 7.50 inches. The drill diameter on offer range between 0.484 inch to 1.625 inches with shank diameter of the holder in the range of 0.625 inch to 1.50 inches. Pick from over 70 different variants of Multi-Point Holder Sets from leading brands like Korloy, Terra Carbide and others. We are providing precise and durable carbide cutting tools that you've always wanted for an innovative tooling solution. Save up to 71 percent vs. purchasing individual components with Multi-Point Holder Sets here on Travers.
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