Needle Files
Travers has an excellent collection of Needle Files with over 100 options to choose from. It has a collective set of fine Needle Files of different leading brands made of different file sets, file types, as well as the number of pieces available in one set. The brands offered by Travers are 3M, General Tool, Grobet, MDT, Noga, and TTC. The different file set types that you can choose from are diamond pattern, Israel pattern, Swiss pattern, and American pattern. The different types of Needle files found on Travers are equaling, equaling (mill), half-round, round, square, three square, triangle, flat, knife, barrette, and many more. The number of pieces in every set varies from 1-12. Grobet has more than 60 Needle Files that include assorted shapes needle file sets, and Swiss precision Needle Files. The number of pieces available in each set is 12. As the name suggests the file set types are Swiss Pattern and the file type is needle file. TTC has individual needle file packages, diamond file sets, and 12 piece assorted shapes needle file sets. Here the diamond file sets have 5 pieces in each package. The file types that can be seen are knife, round, half-round, three square, barrette, and so on. The file set type is a Swiss pattern. If you are looking for Heavy Duty Diamond Files and Sets then there is Needle Files by MDT. The file set type for these Needle Files is a Diamond pattern. The file types offered by MDT are flat, triangle, round, half-round, square, etc. These are not the only needle files available with Travers. There are other brands as well like 3M, General Tool, and Noga that have their needle files with their own file set types and file types like Israel pattern and American pattern in packages with a different number of pieces each and so on.
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