Shop for PI Tape Measures for easier peripheral measurements. Tapes are made of 1095 spring steel with a coefficient of expansion of 0.00000633 per degree F per inch. All models offer different measuring ranges, starting from 0.75-7 inches to 132-144 inches. The periphery tape, exemplified by the brand PI Tape�, provides a quick, accurate, and easy method of reading true diameters of both round and out-of-round forms. The periphery tape from brand PI ensures quick measuring of the outside diameter of objects with an accuracy of e.001". It is designed and produced as per NIST regulations. The graduations are acid-inscribed on the smooth tape surface. It makes it clearly visible and long-lasting even with regular use. You also get a certification of calibration with every purchase. You may also enquire with us for the latest products in several categories under Measuring & Inspection tools.
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