Pistol Grip
Travers offers a wide variety of Pistol Grip which comes with different tip types including air shield nozzle, brass nozzle tip, brass venturi nozzle, Non-scratch, stylus tip, whisper jet silencer, and many more which you are going to see on our Pistol Grip categories. Air shield nozzle tip delivers a high velocity, pinpoint jet of air for fast, and gives effective chip removal. This comes with a maximum working pressure of 120 PSI and an inlet size is 1/4 inch NPT. Brass nozzle tip provides a high vacuum siphon which delivers 16 gallons per hour. It comes in 1/4 inch NPT and 100 PSI. The brass venturi nozzle has a unique shape and soft over-molded trigger which conforms to any hand. Its inlet size is 1/4 inch with a maximum working pressure of 120 PSI. Fixed and Fixed safety Pistol Grip nozzle tip is best when high airflow is required. It includes a complete gun and has an inlet size of 1/4 inch and the maximum pressure provided is 120 PSI and 150 PSI. High volume tip will deliver 34 CFM of volume. Gun which comes with this tip offers a pressure of 150 PSI. Guns with metal nozzle offer an operating pressure of 145 PSI and come with an inlet size of 1/4 inches. Multi Jet Tip provides a lightweight experience and guns with this tip has an inlet size of 3/8 inches and 150 PSI. Guns with tip type of OSHA rubber, venturi, silent, and protective screen come with a composite construction which makes it’s easy to carry anywhere and is ideal for cleaning those areas which are not accessible. It comes with an inlet of 1/4 inch and 145 to 150 PSI. Gun with safety booster tip exceeds OSHA regulations and its tip is specifically made to provide a greater volume of air. It can provide more CFM while still remaining under 30 PSI. The stylus tip has a small diameter which can reach small blind holes down to 1/8 inch diameter. Whisper jet silencer nozzle reduces noise levels to 6-20 dB which is less than conventional air guns. Here on Travers, we provide more than 30 Pistol Grips which are made according to your needs.
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