Master Precision & Machinists' Levels
Travers offers a wide variety of Master Precision & Machinists' Levels, designed exclusively for job site and workshop applications. Shop for different types of levels - machinists' levels with ground and graduated vials, precision bench levels with double plumbs available at up the 15", cross-test levels, and a bench level with varying degrees of sensitivity, and a range of Inspection Block, Inspection Square Block with Spirit. All models have Vials filled with high-grade mineral oil to resist thermal expansion and contraction and excessive bubbles. You can shortlist the desired Machinists' Level according to sensitivity ranging between 0.0005" (10 seconds) to .005" (80-90 seconds). Our Machinists' Levels line-up mostly comes with a non-magnetic base with an exception of Magnetic type spirit level from Tesa Brown & Sharpe. Other available brands of Master Precision & Machinists' Levels include E.D.A., Starrett, and Travers-marketed TTC Production. Ensure a complete level machine setup with over 20 items of Master Precision & Machinists' Levels on Travers for efficient modern & high-speed machinery.
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