Pre-Hardened Flat Stock
Travers offers several SKUs of Pre-Hardened Ground Flat Stocks in varying thicknesses measuring 1 inch or less and width measuring 10 inches or less. Choose from a wide range of ready-to-use ground flat stock in length 18 inches or 36 inches. Pre-Hardened Ground Flat Stocks on offer here are made from 4142 chromium-molybdenum alloy steel having medium carbon content. The material property offers high strength yet excellent machinability. The stocks are precision ground and so induction hardened to the Rockwell range of C27 - C33. These Pre-Hardened Ground Flat Stocks are designed for good wear resistance, toughness, high mechanical properties as well as good machinability. Use it for backup and support tooling, die details, short-run dies, or in machine tool components. Our sourcing is unmatched in the industry. Standard or Oversize in 18 inches and 36 inches lengths are available in varying thickness & width fractional sizes. Choose from over 250+ Pre-Hardened Ground Flat Stocks to suit your metal fabrication requirement. You may call us on our helpline number and get connected to our Technical Advisor for custom Flat Stock needs.
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