Combination Square Sets
End your search for accurate angle and length measuring tool with Combination Square Sets on Travers. The Combination Square Sets on Travers consist of a blade (graduated steel ruler) and moving heads, protractor and a center head. The square head is designed with a 45 and 90 edge, which may be used as a height or depth gauge. Some models have square head fitted with a level vial and a removable scriber. Different Combination Square Sets with varying blade length 4 inches to 24 inches are available. Selected models have graduations on steel ruler in metric system. The blade is designed to allow the different heads to slide along the blade and be clamped at any desired location. Combination Squares can be purchased without the centre or protractor head, which is more often used by Carpenters. The blade may be used alone as a rule or a straight edge. Full set is available with the centre and protractor head and more often used by engineers. You get to pick from over 85 different types of Combination Square Sets available in varying blade length, inch or metric graduations, Reversible or Non-Reversible protractor head. The number of pieces in the set varies between 2, 3, and 4. Select the right Combination Square Set from our catalog based on technical specification, Make, or In-stock filters using our intelligent search matrix.
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