R8 Collets
If you’re looking for the perfect holder for tool shanks, R8 Collets are a standard for Mill machine work. Travers offers a dedicated range of R8 Collets in both inches and metric dimensions. We have these Collets in vast size ranges. Head out to our filter search selection matrix to pick the right R8 Collet for use. All R8 Collets on display are made from Alloy spring steel and fully hardened. It comes in three concentricities: 0.0005 inch, 0.0007 inch, 0.001 inch. R8 Collets can be used in many other manufacturers' milling machines, machining centers, R8 precision spindles, and R8 Collet fixtures. Pick from nearly 120 varieties of 5C Collets in various types, size range from all leading brands. Stock up your supplies at Travers on more Tool Accessories for efficient machining.
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