Rotary Burr Sets
Deburr, Cut, or Angle Grind your workpiece in seconds with an extensive range of Rotary Burr Sets available here on Travers. Rotary Burrs produce fewer chips and prevent dust pollution around the workstation. Pick Rotary Burrs for material with low density and for rapid stock removal on Carbon and Stainless Steel. The cutting teeth are available in various cut types like Coarse Cut, Diamond Cut, Double Cut, Dream Cut, Swiss Cut, Bear Cut, and Standard Cut to meet specific application needs. It also comes in different shapes to meet your various needs. The different shapes of Rotary Burrs available on Travers include 0 Degree Angle, 90 Degree Angle, Back Taper, Ball, Cone Radius Nose, Conical, Cylindrical-Flat End (Not End Cut), Cylindrical-Flat End (With End Cut), Cylindrical-Radius End, Deburring, Drill Point Design, Flame, Inverted Cone, Olive-Egg, Oval, Pear, Taper-14 Degree Included Angle, Tree-Pointed End, and Tree-Radius End. We offer Rotary Burrs in size 1/16 inch to 1-1/8 inches and a shank diameter of 0.0925 inches to 1/2 inch to fit most machines. Rotary burrs with a shank diameter of 1/4 inch is the most commonly bought item. Choose from over 640 items of Rotary Burrs on Travers and never finish the workpiece with a manual File again! Stock up at Travers on Abrasive, Files & Deburring items and other finishing supplies today.
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