Rotary Tables
Rotary Tables are the perfect solution to reduce part handling and shorten cycle times. Travers offers a variety of Rotary Tables to hold medium to large parts for multi-side machining or complex contouring. The Rotary Tables are available in sizes 4 inches to 16 inches. These heavy-duty Rotary Tables can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Cross slide or Tilting models are available. They feature precision T-slots in sizes ranging from 0.39 inch to 0.625 inch. The large through-holes are ideal for versatile fixturing. We have over 20 types of Rotary Tables from leading manufacturers like Phase II, Yuasa, and Palmgren. Some models come with dividing plate accessories and adjustable tailstock. Use the search selection matrix to take a look at the available Rotary Table models Travers has to offer. Pick the model that suits you best depending on fixture type, fixture plate size, table T-slots sizes. You can also choose Rotary Tables that are in stock directly from New York, South Carolina, or California.
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