Round Adjustable Dies
Get numerous assortments of High-Speed Steel Round Adjustable Dies on Travers to create external screw threads on almost all workpiece material. Make left-handed or right-handed external threads, either by hand, using a die stock, or by machine, using a floating die holder by choosing the right die from numerous varieties on offer here. Also, get Round Adjustable Dies made up of M42 High-Speed Steel Rc 63-64 for application on the special workpiece material. The Round Adjustable Dies listed here come in various thread types & sizes including Metric, National Coarse, National Extra Fine, National Fine, NPS, NPT, or Special Thread. The dies listed here have an outside diameter in the range of 1 inch to 6 inches to fit on a variety of rod diameters. Most of the listed dies here are manufactured by Travers-marketed TTC. The brand TTC is a top choice for common materials, short-run jobs, and general-purpose projects. You can also choose from our catalog of nearly 640 Round Adjustable Dies, depending on your requirements. You can also buy Round Adjustable Dies that are in stock directly from New York, South Carolina, and California.
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