Safety Glasses
At Travers, get every possible type of Safety Glasses for every possible application. We house Safety Glasses from top leading brands including Safety, Crews, Crossfire, Delta Plus, Dewalt, Edge Eye wear, El vex, OTMT, Pyramid, Smith & Wesson, UVE. The types of Safety Glasses we offer here include Foam Padded Welding Glasses, Full Reader Safety Glasses, Safety Glasses with prescriptive lenses, Led Safety Glasses, Polarized Safety Glasses, Safety Glasses With Gasket, Over The Glass, Safety Goggles, And Shield. The lens colors on offer can truly ensure comprehensive safety while making operations easy on the eyes. The colors we house from brands are 3.0 IR Filter, Gray Polarized, Green, Ice Blue Mirror, Ice Orange, Indoor/Outdoor Anti-Fog, Infinity Blue, Light Blue, Light Gray, Multi-coupler Mirror, Orange, Pale Green, Pink, Purple Haze, Red Mirror, Rose, Sandstone Bronze Anti-Fog, Silver, Silver Mirror, Sky Red Mirror, Smoke Green Mirror, Sunblock Bronze, and Yellow. The coating on the lens also comes in several options like Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch, Docudramas Hard Coat, Docudramas Scratch Resistant. The uncoated clear lens is also available for general purpose applications on the factory shop floor. Choose from over 600 different items of Safety Glasses for various applications, only on Travers. You can also choose from popular frame colors like Amber, Arctic Cato, and Black. The safety glasses come in different frame types such as Framed, Flameless, Half-Frame, and Wraparound. You can also buy safety goggles that are in stock or simply filter Safety Glasses by make (for example, made in the USA), On-promotion depending on your requirements.
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