At Travers, we work with reliable brands to provide our buyers with the best options to choose from. In that regard, we have Scrapers from leading brands like Noga, Shaviv, and TTC. We also offer swivels - another essential product to go with scrapers. These products, the Scraper And Swivel Swivel Scraper come in specific types of blade materials, such as Bi-Directional, Except UB38 Right Handed, and Bi-Directional. The blade types we house from brands are C, C40, C42, D50 D50, D66, D55, D66, Flat, Half Round And Triangular, T-120, T-80, UB34, UB38, UF1, US1, US2, US3, US4, UB38. The blade materials used in the making of these scrapers and swivels such as Carbide, Hardened Tempered Steel High-Speed Steel, Plastic Handle, Steel-CR115 are also best-in-class. These Scrapers come with a unique range of holder compatibility that promotes ease of use such as Blade Holder C, Blade Holder D, Blade Holder U, EL05003, SC1300 Handle, UH1000 Handle. You can choose from our catalog and filter scrapers by on promotion, or in stock depending on your requirements. In addition to this, you can also enquire with us about the latest in several categories of industrial auxiliary equipment and supplies that can aid in Deburring process.
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