If you are looking for sharpening stones then Travers has more than 70 items for you to browse from. There are various brands, various types of materials, along with other different specifications to offer. The products are categorized on the basis of categories like grit, grade, shape, as well as the lengths, widths, and thicknesses of the sharpening stones. The brands offered by Travers are 3M, Colonial West, Grier Abrasives, TTC, and TTC Production USA Made. The sharpening stones are made of various materials like aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide vitrified, diamond, novaculite, and many more. The grit types available are coarse, coarse/fine, fine, hard, medium, soft, ultra-fine, and very fine. Bevel, boat stone, Cortland CD segment, diamond, flat, and half-round are some of the shapes in which sharpening stones are available here. Moreover, these sharpening stones have varying thicknesses, lengths, and widths. Colonial West has sharpening stones of the types Cortland CD shape segments and West Norton no shape segments. These sharpening stones are made of white aluminum oxide. The grit of these stones is 30. If you are looking for dressing stones for mounting points, boat stones, and rub stones then Grier Abrasives has come up with some great choices for you. All these stones have been made from different materials. The materials used are silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and aluminum oxide vitrified. There are different grits available as well, such as 60, 80, 100, 120, and 220. 3M manufactures excellent quality whetstones. These whetstones are made of diamond. And, the grit available is M74 Micron. The list goes on and on. There are many more brands to come like TTC, that bring more variety to the vast array. These stones are made of varying materials, have different shapes dimensions, grades, and last but not least grit.
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