Single Insert Chamfering/Countersink Holders
There are three brands offered by Travers for Single Insert Chamfering/ Countersink Holders that are APT, Everede, and T&O. The products are categorized on the basis of different features like chamfering angle, shank diameter, minimum cutting diameter, shank style, and series. The various chamfering angle offered by Travers ranges from 10 degrees to 90 degrees. The minimum cutting diameter for these Single Insert Chamfering/ Countersink Holders is 0.583 inch to 2.500 inches. The shank diameters for these items lie between 0.325 inch to 1.000 inch. There are different shank styles available as well. The series offered by different brands are APT Dyna-Sink, Everede Countersink, Flexi-mill, Positive Insert Countersink, and Chamfering. T&O has the Flexi-mill series of chamfering countersink holders. These Countersink Holders are a good fit for TCMT style inserts. The chamfer angles provided by T&O lie between 10 degrees to 80 degrees. The minimum cutting diameter is 0.200 inches and the maximum cutting diameter ranges from 1.000 inch to 1.250 inches. Moreover, the range of the shank diameter for the Flexi-mill chamfering countersink holders is 0.750 inch to 1.000 inch. APT has the Dyna-sink countersink & deburring holders. These are suitable for 548 inserts. The Chamfering / Countersink Holders are suited to TPGH/ SPGH inserts. The chamfering angles available are 60 degrees, 82 degrees, and 90 degrees. The minimum cutting diameter ranges from 0.250 inches to 1.500 inches while the maximum cutting diameter varies from 0.750 inches to 2.500 inches. Here the shank diameter also falls between 0.500 inches to 0.750 inches. Everede has Chamfering / Countersink Holders that are appropriate for the TPGH style inserts with chamfering angles of 82 degrees and 92 degrees. The minimum and maximum cutting diameters vary from 0.125 inch to 0.500 inch and 0.583 inch to 0.958 inch respectively. Here also the shank diameter varies from 0.325 inch to 0.500 inch.
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