Six Flute Countersinks
From General Purpose Countersinking to Chamfering or Deburring, Travers hosts a comprehensive range of Six Flute Countersinks for any desired application. We have an exclusive range of Carbide, Cobalt, High Speed Steel, and M42 8% Cobalt Single Flute Countersinks designed for machine and portable work at low & high speeds. The countersinks are available with the coatings TiN, TiAlN or in black oxide surface treated finish. Uncoated variants for low profile applications are also available. The range of Six Flute Countersinks on display are well-suited for post processing of already machined holes on softer as well as harder materials. Six Flute Countersinks provide more metal removal and more effective on harder materials. We have Six Flute Countersinks in standard sizes of 1/8 inch, extending up to 3 inches. The shank diameter on countersink cutters on display range between 3/8 inch to 1 inch. The included angle on the Single Flute Countersinks on display vary between 60�, 82�, 90�, 100�, 110� and 120�. Machinists prefer Six Flute Countersinks for chatterless operation, smooth surface finish even on harder material. Results from using 60� for deburring, 82� for countersunk screws US standard, 90� for countersunk screws and 120� for countersunk sheet metal rivets, indicate good performance. Now choose from over 450 variants of Six Flute Countersinks in all standard sizes, included angles, shank diameters, and multiple tool material, only on Travers.
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