Spindle Squares
Switch over to a more precise method of setup and alignment with a limited range of Spindle Squares on Travers. These spindle squares can be mounted to a machine spindle with a straight shank. The shank diameter available is 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, or 3/8 inch. A pair of balanced reading dial indicators on either side of the shank is connected. We host fully assembled dial indicators from leading brands like Starrett and Edge Technology. Operators now have the convenience to read two indicators concurrently and expedite the inspection process. The available measuring range includes 0 -0.125 inch, 0 - 0.250 inch, 0 - 1 inch, or 0 - 2.5mm. Dial indicators with graduations in 0.0005 inch, 0.001 inch, or 0.01 mm are available. Use Spindle Squares to check the squareness and perpendicularity of the head of a milling machine. Look out for more innovative Measuring & Inspection Tools for efficient production only on Travers.
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