STI Thread Repair Inserts
Screw Thread Inserts are a convenient way of repairing stripped-out threads. Travers brings to you STI Thread Repair Inserts to fix stripped bolt or screw thread or even install a strong, permanent threaded in softer materials. The Screw Thread Insert offers an exclusive, resilient internal locking thread that grips the bolt and prevents it from loosening under vibration or impact. These STI Thread Repair Inserts have a wired coil design. You can even use STI Thread Repair Inserts to convert a threaded hole to accept metric fasteners or vice versa. Pick from over 225 types of inserts in a variety of thread sizes & insert lengths. Get it in ANSI or metric size here on Travers. Whether it is for repair, maintenance, or assembly, Travers has all sizes of Thread Repair Insert you may need. We provide unparalleled metal-working solutions to customers, employees, vendors, and industries that we serve. No matter the material, surface finish, or accuracy requirement, we have the right STI Thread Repair Inserts that can enhance your productivity and profitability. Make use of our filter selection search matrix to sort out the best.
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