Tool Holder Bushings
View our dedicated product category of CNC lathe Tool Holder Bushings. Tool Holder Bushings align and secure drills, reamers, boring bars, and other round-shank cutting tools in CNC lathes and turning machines. We have an extensive range of Tool Holder Bushings in types like B, C, J, Z, or Taper Drill Socket. Type "B" is a split bushing suitable for all types and sizes of CNC Lathes and Chuckers. Type "C" Tool Holder Bushings is also designed for universal use on all CNC turning machines to adapt a wide variety of Boring Bars, Drills, Reamers, and Shank type tools. While Type "J" Tool Holder Bushings have a long solid body and fit for specific applications. Type "Z" is the most flexible Tooholder Bushings for all types of CNC Turning Centers, Turret Lathes, and Chuckers. It has an elongated slot which gives it complete interchangeability with all brands of equipment. All the listed Tool Holder bushings are machined from alloy steel, hardened, and precision ground. The outer diameter on offer is in the range of 3/4 inch to 2-1/2 inches. The inside diameter is straight or tapered. Use our filter selection search matrix to pick the right Tool Holder Bushing to fit on your CNC lathe and turning machines. Choose from over 175 types of Tool Holder Bushings here on Travers.
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