Travers has a wonderful collection of Toolholders. There are different brands, varieties of taper, and types available that can help you pick the right option as per your requirements. The brands available at Travers are ETM, Huot, Phase II, and TTC. The various tapers available are 30, 40, and 50. There are two types of Toolholders available, namely fixed and rotary. All these brands have high quality and finesse. ETM has good quality tool clamp system. The taper available for these tool clamp systems is 40 and 50. These tool clamp systems are of two types rotary and fixed. TTC offers CNC Toolholders with Tightening Fixtures. There are three types of taper provided by TTC for the CNC Toolholders that are 30, 40, and 50. These CNC tool holders are of the fixed type. Phase II also provides CNC Toolholder fixtures. The taper offered by Phase II is 40 and 50. The type of these CNC Toolholder fixtures is fixed. Huot has the Toolholder Vises of the fixed type. The taper offered by Huot is 40 and 50. Now, you can pick any Toolholder you want according to your requirements for taper, type of tool holders, etc.
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