Toolmakers Vise is a precision ground vise and typically offers great work holding position for machining on delicate workpieces. At Travers, we offer selected models of Toolmakers Vise equipped with screw or screwless gripping mechanisms. All available models of Toolmakers Vise have padded jaws in order for them to firmly hold the workpiece without leaving any marks or indentation of the delicate parts. The maximum jaw opening on offer: 2-3/16 inches to 8 inches, jaw width: 2 to 6 inches, and jaw depth: 1 inch to 1-11/16 inches. Toolmakers Vise jaws come in pairs and are replaceable. Choose from 8 select varieties of Toolmakers Vises on Travers for a number of precision applications attached to a bench grinder or milling machine. You can select the right dimension of Toolmaker Vise with the help of a filter selection search or you can manually scroll down below.
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