Top Clamp Inserts - Threading
Travers hosts a dedicated range of Top Clamp Threading Inserts for the greatest selection of thread standards, grades, and geometries. The pitch type of these inserts is 60-degree V-thread. We have a wide range of Carbide inserts for machining any surface including steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, nonferrous materials, titanium, and HRSA. The listed Top Clamp Threading Inserts come in a limited selection of titanium-based PVD coatings for consistent and predictable performance, wear resistance, and longer tool life to maximize the removal rate. There are many parameters to be considered when selecting the right indexable tool. We have large assortments of popular insert grade, insert style, chip breaker type, conventional & unconventional insert cutting width, radius, and the lead angle. Pick from right sized left-hand or right-hand cutting direction inserts using our filter selection search matrix. Top Clamp Threading Inserts are available in seat size 2, 3, 4. Also, viewed from a cost perspective, indexable inserts represent a significant investment, however, they have the potential to last longer. We provide unparalleled metal-working solutions to customers, employees, vendors, and industries that we serve. No matter the material, surface finish, or accuracy requirement, we have the right Top Clamp Threading Inserts that can enhance your productivity and profitability. Machinists have many more choices available to them now. Stock up on your supplies of new-age Indexable inserts at Travers.
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