Insert Clamp Holders - Type C
Travers has a fine selection of Insert Clamp Holder of the Type-C. In the 31 options available, you can find the perfect Type-C Insert Clamp Holder that suits all your requirements. Travers has two of the best brands manufacturing these insert clamp holders; Dorian and Terra Carbide. You can browse through the various features and filter out products according to your requirements. You can pick a Type-C Insert Clamp Holder on the basis of the insert type it can be used for, different styles, the approach angle, and the overall length. You can also pick whether the tool is right-handed, left-handed, or can be used by any hand. You can use the Clamp Holders for different types like SPG32, SPG42, TPG22, and so on. The insert clamp holders are available in various styles like CSDP, CTAP, CTFP, and CTGP. There are two types of approach angles, 45 and 90 degrees. The range of the shanks is 3/8" to 1". The overall length of the clamp holders can vary from 3.5" to 6". Dorian has CTAP, CTGP, CSDPN, and CTFP Toolholder for positive TPG Inserts. The approach angles provided are 45 and 90 degrees. The shank varies from 1/2" to 1" while the overall length ranges from 3.5" to 6". There are options for left-handed as well as right-handed and neutral tool holders. Terra Carbide has CTGP and CTAP type tool holders for positive TPG inserts. The approach angle provided by Terra Carbide is 90 degrees. The range of the shank is 3/8" to 1". The overall length differs from 3.5 to 4". These tool holders are right-handed. Now, you can pick the best Type-C insert clamp holder based on these specifications.
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