Top Jaws
Travers offers great variety and quality in all of its products to ensure that you are able to make the right choice. And the Lathe Chuck Top Jaws at Travers is no different. There are as many as 150+ options for Lathe Chuck Top Jaws here. The leading brands in Lahe Chuck Top Jaws offered here are Abbott, Ajax, Bison, Collins, Gator, H&R, Shark Tools, and TMX. All these varying brands ensure that there are different jaw types for you to choose from like American Standard Hard Top, Pointed Nose, Square Noise and Serrated Hard Top, Pointed Nose, Square Noise. Chuck sizes available vary from 10 inches to 23 inches. The lengths of these Lathe Chuck Top Jaws range from 1.6875 inches to 6.5 inches. Similarly, the height and width can be chosen from the ranges 0.5 inch to 4 inches and 0.866 inch to 2.5 inches respectively. There is a huge array of materials to choose from like 1018 Mild Steel, 4140 High Steel, Alloy Steel, Low Carbon Steel, and so on. That’s not all. The Lathe Chuck Top Jaws have been categorized on the basis of varying holes spacings and screw sizes. Ajax has master keys, Square & Acme Key Soft Jaws, Serrated Chuck Jaws, and so on. The chuck sizes available range from 12 inches to 18 inches. The material used by Ajax is High Steel. Collins makes Soft Blank Top Jaws that come with Metric Tongue and Groove Master Jaws. Collins uses 045 Mild Steel as the tool material whereas the chuck sizes differ from 6 inches to 15 inches. The jaw type offered by Collins is Serrated Soft Top. H&R has Amerian Standard Hard Top types of jaws made with 1018 Mild Steel. The chuck sizes fall in the range of 6 inches to 15 inches. That is not all. There are many other brands like Shark Tools, Abbott, Gator Master, etc. that provide various types of jaws, and materials.
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