Type C - Clamp Boring Bar
Are you looking for Type C - Clamp Boring Bar? Well, look no further. Travers has you covered! There are more than 70 Type C - Clamp Boring Bars available for you to pick from. Travers offers only the best brands and various specifications so that you can find the best Type C - Clamp Boring Bar for you and your work. The brands available at Travers are APT, Dorian, Rouse, and TTC Production. The shank diameters of these Type C - Clamp Boring Bars have a range of 0.5" to 2". You can use the TPEET3, TPG32, TPG43, and many more types of inserts with these clamp boring bars. The minimum bore diameter ranges from 0.4" to 2.559". CTFP, Rouse Boring Bar, Super - Lok Boring BAr, Tri - Lead Indexable boring bar are some of the styles available at Travers. The lead angle differs from 85 degrees to 95 degrees. There is an option for left-handed and right-handed tools as well. APT offers Super - Lok Boring Bars and Tri-Lead Boring Bars. The shank diameter has a range of 0.5" to 1.0625". The lead angle also varies from 85 to 90 degrees. This clamp boring bar is suitable for right-handed people. If you are looking for a Type C - Clamp Boring Bar for TPEE and TPG inserts then Rouse has some amazing options for you. The range of the shank diameter is 0.5" to 0.75". The lead angle provided by Rouse is 90 degrees, and the tool is right-handed. Dorian has the CTFP_ series for the TPG inserts. The shank diameter varies from 0.750" to 1.5", and the lead angle is 90 degrees. There are options for right-handed and left-handed tools. That’s not all, there are many more items available for you to choose from!
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