Wheel Type Brushes
From abrasives to deburring, Travers has a committed range of Wheel brushes for surface arrangement and surface wrapping up. Their utilizations incorporate parts cleaning, cleaning, edge mixing, and deburring. we offer you wheel brushes from different brands and in that too you can find different categories according to your needs. Nyalox Brushes is specifically made of durable and flexible aluminum oxide impregnated nylon brushes used to clean and polish metal without gouging. Its outside diameter is between 3 inches- 4 inches and 1/4 inch shank flap brush. ATB wide face brush wheels are made up of nylon filaments that are impregnated with silicon carbide grit which becomes useful for deburring, edge breaking, and finishing. It comes in three diameters; 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, and a full range of arbor hole sizes from 2 inches-5/8 inch are available. Wheel brushes come in different categories; Unmounted wire brushes, twist wire brush for mini grinders, medium face wheel brush, comb twist full cable knot twist wheel brushes, knot type wheel brushes, and narrow face wheel brushes. These brushes are made for root and hot pass weld cleaning, applications requiring the most aggressive brushing action. The outside diameter lies between 1-1/2 inches- 8 inches, arbor hole size is between 3/8 inch-1/2 inch to 2 inches and these brushes come in various materials; carbon steel, nylon, nylon with silicon carbide, stainless steel, and steel. Small diameter crimped industrial-grade wire wheels, knot style wire wheels, medium face width wire wheel brushes, bench grinder wheels, mounted crimped wire wheels, and narrow face width wire wheel brushes come in stainless steel and steel. Outside diameter lies between 1-1/2 inches- 8 inches and the arbor hole size is between 3/8 inch-1/2 inch to 2 inches. Travers provides different sizes that are accessible on exceptional request to meet the prerequisites of a particular centerless processor.
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