Electronically controlled Power Feeds for smoother surface finish, higher accuracy, and better repeatability. Power Feeds are designed to provide automated feed replacement for handwheels on manually-controlled machine tools. It can be attached to the ball screws of milling machines, drilling machines, and other machine tools to provide an accurate, repeatable feed rate. At Travers, you will find Power Feeds for use with different milling machines like Acer 3VS 3VK, Acra Mill 9x45, 10x54, Bridgeport® Type, Chevalier Large, and Small, Clausing Kondia, OTMT Mills, Sharp First, Supermax 1-1/2 HP, Webb Champ. We have Power Feeds offering feed rates on X-Axis of 0-25 Inch/Minute, 0-32 Inch/Minute, 1/2-35 Inch/Minute, or 3/4-25 Inch/Minute. Most models available here give a maximum torque output of 150 lbs./inch. We also have models with a maximum torque output of 650 lbs./inch. Most products are listed as 110-V, 50/60-Hz, 4.0-A electrical devices. Most models are equipped with circuit breakers for overload protection. They go on to offer superior speed regulation, ramping and dynamic braking. Here on Travers, we have X-Axis Power Feeds from leading brands like Servo, OTMT, Powerpac & TTC. Choose from over 20 different models of X-Axis Power Feeds. They are an excellent solution to reduce operator fatigue and increase overall productivity.
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