Zero Flute Countersink/Deburring
End your search for Deburring and Countersinking tools on Travers. Each Zero Flute Countersink/Deburring tool here on display promises to offer superior quality High Speed Steel or M35 5% Cobalt construction, in-service performance to produce excellent workpiece finish. Most Zero Flute Countersink on offer here are Weldon Style countersinks. This is a cone shaped tool with a cutting edge provided by a hole that goes through the side of the cone. Pick from a variety of Zero Flute Countersinks in standard fractional inch and number sizes of 5/16 inch to 1-11/4 inches and #0 to #8. The straight shank on these countersinks fits any tool holder easily. Countersink flute angles are 60�, 82�, 90� and 100� to work on wide range of holes and softer materials. Results from using 60� for deburring, 82� for countersunk screws US standard, 90� for countersunk screws and 100� for countersunk sheet metal rivets, indicate good performance. When using Zero Flute Countersink/Deburring for your next project, the listed countersink tools from popular brands will deliver chatterless finish, single cutting edge for fast stock removal, free-cutting, and easy sharpening on softer materials including metal, plastic, wood. Explore our collection of countersinks and Zero Flute Countersinks to find the best tool that suits your needs. Choose from a comprehensive list of 100 items of Zero Flute Countersink/Deburring only on Travers.
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