CBN & PCD Tipped Carbide Inserts


Dramatically increase insert tool life, cutting speeds, metal removal rates & machine uptime


  • Potentially hundreds of times the tool life of carbide with PCD.
  • Up to 50 times tool life of carbide with CBN.
  • Cutting speeds two to three times those of conventional tools.
  • Longer tool life resulting in excellent dimensional control and consistent surface finishes.
  • Together these provide improved workpiece quality and minimize scrap rates.
  • PCD & CBN provide significant productivity and cost savings in manufacturing operations.


  • Resists chemical reaction with iron and is therefore specified for use with ferrous materials.
  • Primary markets include automotive and aerospace and other areas like pumps, impellers, shafts & rolls.
  • Reacts chemically with ferrous materials, so it is usually recommended only for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.
  • Primary markets include automotive, pumps/valves, home appliances, aircraft/aerospace, electrical machinery, computer & electronic.


  • MT items are CBN mini tip inserts for finishing of hardened steels with continuous or interrupted cuts.


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