Ceramic Inserts

Ceramic Inserts



  • Use when chipping or mechanical failure of the hardest carbides is not a problem.
  • Use when improved finish and/or size control is required.
  • Use when a better finish is required than is available with the use of coated carbides.
  • Use when machining cast irons and hardness materials (Rc 50 - 65).
  • Use when non-interrupted cutting applications and light milling are being performed.
  • Use when higher speeds are available that can be utilized when metal bonded carbides are installed.


  • Non-metallic, hot pressed black ceramics have fine grained structure.
  • Relatively insensitive to operating temperature due to an iron series binder surrounding the grain.
  • Hot hardness is higher than is possible for metal bonded carbides.
  • "T-land" greatly increases edge strength.
  • Inserts with "A"in designation supplied with hole.

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