DIPSEAL 10 lbs., 310°F Melting Point, Clear, Transparent Coating Wax Protection
DIPSEAL Clear Transparent Coating - Mfr.: DS-829

DIPSEAL 10 lbs., 310°F Melting Point, Clear, Transparent Coating Wax Protection

Item #: 96-004-238
Model #: DS-829
Size: 10 lbs.
Color: Clear


Type 1
  • Most commonly used for corrosion protection.
  • Leaves an oil film on the protected part.
  • A relatively hard coating that is excellent for long-term storage and protection from rough handling.
  • Part numbers, UPC codes, etc., can be easily seen through any of the transparent type 1 colors.
  • Recommended dipping temperature for all type 1 coatings is 350°F.
Type 2
  • Offers a wider variety from which to choose.
  • Applications range from protective tool coatings, bottle seals and electroplating masks.
  • Depending on which type 2 coating you choose, it can range from a relatively soft, easy to peel oil-based coating, to an extremely hard oil free coating.
Model #DS-587-2
  • An oil free type 2 coating excellent for sealing bottles of all kinds.
  • This coating lends itself very well to custom coloring; however, it is water clear when left uncolored.
  • Smooth hard finish when dry and peels relatively easily.
Model #DS-852
  • Has a very low oil exudation and is water clear because it is manufactured using white oil.
  • Low dipping temperature produces few fumes, approximately 310°F.
  • Strips clean leaving very light oil residue on the parts surface.
Type 4
  • Coatings are based in a thermo-plastic rubber, which gives them their extreme resilience.
  • Coatings are completely odor free and have no messy oil residue.
  • They are soft and rubbery which makes them flexible and shock absorbent.
  • Excellent when used to protect tools from abrasion, during shipping, or long-term storage; even outdoors.
  • Good for moldmaking.
Model #DS88K
  • Translucent coating that remains flexible even in cold weather.
  • No odor, no oil.
  • Excellent coating for lighter weight items, and items that don't require long-term storage against corrosion.
Model #DS-99K
  • Translucent coating that is similar to model #DS88K except it is more durable and has a higher melting temperature.
  • Odor free and oil free.
  • Excellent for heavier, sharper objects since the tough coating will not slit as easily as model #DS88K.
  • Works well for long-term storage items.


  • Dip seal coatings are not compatible with other dip seal coatings. Do Not Mix Together!
  • Coatings have good non-conducting electrical properties.
  • Dip seal materials are non-toxic.
  • Should have mechanical ventilation, heat resistant gloves, safety glasses and acceptable OSHA face mask when dipping.
  • Coatings sold in 10 lb. bags.
Product Specifications
Model # DS-829
Size 10 lbs.
Color Clear
Melting Point 310°F
Prop. 65 Yes
Type Transparent Coating
weight 11.1 lbs
Prop 65 Warning Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.