Cobalt Silver & Deming Drills
TTC PRODUCTION Cobalt Silver & Deming Drills - Drill Point Angle: 118°   Tool Material: Cobalt Steel   Flute Shape: Helical Flute   Series: A15-C0   Shank Size : 1/2   Size : 1-3/32

Cobalt Silver & Deming Drills

Item #: 01-080-170
Size: 1-3/32"
Decimal Diameter: 1.0938"
Tool Material: Cobalt

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Can be used in electric drills and drill presses with 1/2" capacity drill chuck


  • Cobalt offers better wear resistance, higher hot hardness & toughness when compared to high speed steel.
  • Cobalt also provides less chipping under severe cutting conditions allows tool to be run 10% faster than high speed steel.
  • Primarily designed as tools for heavy duty drilling of larger holes requiring reduced diameter straight shank drills.
  • Suitable for most drilling operations in a wide array of materials having low and medium tensile strength ratings.
  • Intended for those applications where only a 1/2" chuck is available to drive the drills.
  • May be used with a wide range of portable or stationary machine tools and with hand held manual drills.
  • For optimal performance and the best tool life suitable lubricating/cutting oils or the appropriate coolant fluids are recommended.


  • Right hand (clockwise rotation) cutting direction.
  • Standard two flute design.
  • Standard spiral, helical flutes.
  • All drills have reduced shanks that are 1/2" in diameter.
  • Available in individual size drills or in sets.
  • Some TTC Production sizes may be supplied in 135° drill point.
TTC Production 8 Piece Set
  • 118° point angle and standard web thickness.
  • Metal index.
Precision Dormer 8 Piece Set
  • 118° split point.
  • Plastic case.

Technical Data

  • Manufactured from cobalt steel.
  • Surface treated.
  • Black and bright finishes.
TTC Production
  • 118° point angle and standard web thickness.
Precision Dormer
  • 118° split point and are self-centering.


  • Special care should be exercised to avoid bending or shearing the reduced diameter drill shank.
Product Specifications
Size 1-3/32"
Decimal Diameter 1.0938"
Tool Material Cobalt
Finish Coating Black Oxide With Polished Flutes
Flute Length 3"
Overall Length 6"
Decimal Size 1.0938"
Diameter 1.0938"
Drill Point Angle 118°
Flute Shape Helical
No. of Flutes 2
Point Sharpening Type Standard Point
Series A15-C0
Shank Style Reduced Shank
Type Cobalt Silver & Deming Drills
Weight 0.75 lbs.
Country of Origin Import

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