Dial Gage Holder Magnetic Bases

Brand: NOGA
Machine Shop Solutions

Problem: Time-consuming resetting and repositioning of indicators causes unwanted downtimes.
Solution: 360° magnetic holder options are perfect machining companions for when you need versatility and accuracy the most.

Positioning Gages Has Never Been Easier

Avoid work stoppage by increasing precision and measuring efficiency with these handy indicator holders. Their strong magnetic bases and superior holding power clings firmly to any ferrous metal component, supporting the gage for more accurate measurements. Capable of 360° rotation for maximum versatility, the articulated arm reaches every possible position, even upside down.


  • It is an auxiliary tool for any general measurement and helps to increase precision and working efficiency.
  • 3 dimensional dial gauge holder has Noga's unique central locking mechanism with spring loaded bearing for easy set-up.


  • Easy to set up gages into required position.


  • Holds 3/8" and dovetail.
  • Powerful 176 lbs. on/off magnetic base.

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Rigid Magnetic

Item #BrandModel #Bottom Arm LengthTop Arm LengthHolds Stem DiameterHolding PowerFine AdjustmentPriceUOMQty
Item #: 99-001-051Brand: NOGAModel #: DG1033Bottom Arm Length: 4.33"Top Arm Length: 3.98"Holds Stem Diameter: 3/8" & dovetailHolding Power: 176 lbs.Fine Adjustment: Top (Plastic)Price: