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Problem: Purchasing and storing a large variety of measuring tools takes up time and valuable shelf space.
Solution: A unique measuring set combines two top-selling precision tools into one convenient package.

Best-Selling Japanese Micrometer & Absolute Digimatic Combo

Keep your calipers close, and your micrometers closer with the MTI Precision Tool Set from Mitutoyo. A double dose of digital LCD measuring tools combines the top-selling 6" caliper and 1" Absolute Digimatic micrometer from the Japanese measuring specialists, both housed in a solid mahogany protective case for convenient storage. Your MTI set combines long-lasting battery life, easy inch/metric conversion, and clear .0005" caliper resolution and .00005" micrometer resolution for a versatile pairing that's easy on the eyes.

Provided in solid mahogany case


  • (1) 0~6" digimatic caliper.
  • (1) 0~1" digimatic micrometer with friction thimble & spanner wrench.
  • Batteries.

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Assorted Measuring

Item #BrandModel #TypeCaliper RangeMicrometer RangeCaliper GraduationMicrometer GraduationPriceUOMQty
Item #: 57-016-700Brand: MITUTOYOModel #: 64PKA077Type: 6" Digital Caliper & 1" Digital Micrometer SetCaliper Range: 0 - 6"Micrometer Range: 0 - 1"Caliper Graduation: Micrometer Graduation: .0001"Price: