Flex Gage Holder

Flex Gage Holder

Item #: 99-001-035
Brand: NOGA
Model #: NF1024
Bottom Arm Length: 2.20"
Top Arm Length: 2.01"

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  • Metal clamp holds indicator with 3/8" diameter stem or dovetail.
  • Unique 5-axis, 3 dimensional holder.
  • Has unique 360° fine adjustment at the base.
  • Unique central locking mechanism with spring loaded bearing.
  • On/off magnetic base with 70 lbs. pull.
Noga NF1024 Flex Gage Magnetic Holder - 70 Lbs Pull
Product Specifications
Brand NOGA
Model # NF1024
Bottom Arm Length 2.20"
Top Arm Length 2.01"
Holds Stem Diameter 3/8"
Holding Power 70 lbs
Fine Adjustment Bottom
Type Articulating Arm
Weight 3 lbs.
Country of Origin ISRAEL

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