Heavy-Duty Screw Jack

Machine Shop Solutions

Problem: Setting up vise and milling operations slows down the machining process, and leaves a lot to be desired from your conventional jacks.
Solution: The Max-Jack® is designed with a fine adjustment ring that locks easily, simplifying the entire process without slowing you down.

Taking A Load Off Has Never Been Easier

Don't sacrifice performance to simplify your machine and inspection setups. Get the jack-of-all-trades Max-Jack®, featuring all the heavy-duty holding power you want and all the precision leveling and tuning you'll need. One screw jack provides approximately 2,000 lbs. of lifting capacity, and the quick-acting height locking ring makes fine adjustments faster and simpler.


  • Simplify set-up applications on all machine and inspection operations.
  • Quick-acting height adjustment.
  • Fine adjust ring for easy leveling.
  • Height locking ring.
  • Lifting capacity 2,000 lbs. (approx.).

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Machinist Jacks

Item #BrandCapacityMinimum HeightMaximum HeightRangePriceUOMQty
Item #: 57-071-101Brand: FOWLERCapacity: 2,000 lbs.Minimum Height: 8"Maximum Height: 4-1/2"Range: 4-1/2" - 8"Price: