High Speed Steel Adjustable Blade Reamers
TTC High Speed Steel Adjustable Blade Reamers - TYPE: High Speed Steel Adjustable Blade Reamers   REAMING RANGE : 1-3/16 - 1-11/32   OVERALL LENGTH : 3-1/2

High Speed Steel Adjustable Blade Reamers

Item #: 04-150-010
Brand: TTC
Reaming Range: 1-3/16" to 1-11/32"
Industry Standard: J
Tool Material: High Speed Steel

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Allows reaming of a longer range of sizes economically


  • For hand resizing of drilled and bored holes to precise size diameters.
  • Produces very accurate holes in a variety of normal ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • Used with either portable or stationary machines.
  • May be mounted in chucks, collets or similar toolholders.


  • Blades are adjustable and move within tapered slots in the reamer body.
  • To adjust these reamers the blades are moved within the slots by loosening the nut at one end and tightening the nut at the other.
  • Movement permits the reamer to be set to any desired diameter within the range of the size adjustment.
  • Adjustment feature allows reamer to maintain a specific size by compensating for wear.
  • Can be re-ground & re-adjusted to size.
TTC J 1-3/16" - 1-11/32" HSS Adjustable Blade Reamer
Product Specifications
Brand TTC
Reaming Range 1-3/16" to 1-11/32"
Industry Standard J
Tool Material High Speed Steel
Type High Speed Steel Adjustable Blade Reamer
No. of Blades 7
Hardness 58 to 60 RC
Model # J
Overall Length 3-1/2"
Size J
Weight 2.05 lbs.
Country of Origin Import

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