High Speed Steel Spotting & Centering Drills
KEO High Speed Steel Spotting & Centering Drills - Tool Material: High Speed Steel   Size  : 3/16   Drill Type: Spotting & Centering   Overall Length  : 1-3/8   Flute Length  : 1/2

High Speed Steel Spotting & Centering Drills

Made In The USA
Item #: 01-097-612
Brand: KEO
Size: 3/16"
Flute Length: 1/2"
Drill Type: Spotting & Centering

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  • Acts as both a spotting and centering drill.
  • Centering drill point provides a more accurate hole starting point.


  • Best to select a spot drill with an equal or greater value than the drill that will follow to make the finished hole.
KEO HSS 90° Point Angle Spotting & Centering Drills
Product Specifications
Brand KEO
Size 3/16"
Flute Length 1/2"
Drill Type Spotting & Centering
Finish Coating Bright Finish
Drill Point Angle 90°
Hardness 58 to 60 RC
Included Angle 90°
Tool Material High Speed Steel
Type High Speed Steel Spotting & Centering Drills
Weight 0.025 lbs.

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