High Speed Steel Taper Pin Reamers
TTC High Speed Steel Taper Pin Reamers - Flute Shape: Spiral flute   Size : 3   Flute Length  : 2-5/16   Overall Length : 3-11/16

High Speed Steel Taper Pin Reamers

Item #: 04-091-003
Flute Shape: Spiral Flute
Small End Diameter: .1813"
Large End Diameter: .2294"
Shank Style: Round Shank With Square End

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  • Designed to ream holes into which standard taper pins will fit.
  • Use straight flute and left-handed spiral for hand reaming. Drill hole to a few thousandths smaller than the small diameter of finished-reamed hole for best results.
  • Use helical machine taper pin reamers for shop producing taper pin holes by machine reaming, as only reamers of this type can be used profitably and economically. Due to the high-spiral construction, chips do not pack in the flutes.
TTC B11 HSS Straight Shank Spiral Flute Taper Pin Reamers
Product Specifications
Flute Shape Spiral Flute
Small End Diameter .1813"
Large End Diameter .2294"
Shank Style Round Shank With Square End
Cutting Direction Right Hand
Flute Length 2-5/16"
Hardness 58 to 60 RC
Overall Length 3-11/16"
Taper 1/4" Per Foot
Tool Material High Speed Steel
Type High Speed Steel Taper Pin Reamers
Weight 0.2 lbs.
Country of Origin Import

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