Indexable Spiral Flute Coolant Through Drills & Carbide Inserts

Machine Shop Solutions

Problem: Typical boring bars only offer limited reach with compatible inserts, which can shorten tool life and performance depending on the materials.
Solution: And ANSI/ISO compatible bar allows extension up to 8 times the shank diameter for improved life and finishing performance.

Drill & Bore With Indexable Tools

Priced hundreds of dollars less than many other well known brands


  • Spiral flutes to improve chip evacuation.
  • Uses 80° trigon inserts with 3 cutting edges.
  • Feed rates 3X faster than high speed steel.


  • Pefect for machining centers.
  • For drilling & boring.


  • Coolant port on side of flange & in rear of shank.
  • Insert pockets precisely positioned to keep cutting forces low and evenly distributed.
  • Bodies manufactured from tool steel.
Grade UD51
  • General purpose CVD coated steel grade; used for roughing and semi-finishing of carbon alloy & stainless steel.


Insert Not Included.

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