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Problem: Machining lubricants can require expensive and possibly harmful additives to operate properly.
Solution: A biodegradable and natural-based formula improves cooling, lubrication and more without toxic additives.

Your Solution For Perfect Cutting Edge Lubrication

Eliminates The Need For Flood Type Coolant

Accu-Lube offers a complete line of natural-based metalworking lubricants for micro-lubrication cutting & grinding for near dry machining. These lubricants have had proven results in many applications, such as band and circular sawing, milling, drilling, reaming, tapping, stamping, broaching, grinding, thread rolling, tool/cutter grinding, edge trimming, punching, roll/spine forming, abrasive belts, bending and chain lubrication. Accu-Lube's natural-based lubricants are biodegradable, environmentally-safe and non-toxic. They are safe to use with all metals and give unbeatable performance in all cutting and grinding applications.

Eliminates flood type metalworking coolant by applying the right amount of lubricant to the cutting edge of any tool


  • Reduces fluid use and saves money.
  • Cleaner operations.
  • Better surface finish.
  • No disposal costs.
  • Dry chips.


Gel Paste
  • Works on a wide variety of cutting applications.
LB-2000 Heavy Duty
  • For medium to heavy duty machining, drilling, tapping, sawing, stamping, rolling and broaching.
  • General machining.
  • Large diameter tapping.
  • Sawing solids up to 6".
  • Broaching, spline rolling.
LB-3000 Medium Duty
  • Economical, high performance for machining, drilling, small hole tapping and sawing.
  • General machining and sawing.
  • Replacement for "mist" type lubricant and coolant.
  • Lumber and wood cutting applications.
LB-5000 Heavy Duty
  • Very light viscosity.
  • Non-staining during post heat treating.
LB-6000 Premium Medium Duty
  • Premium moderate to heavy-duty metalworking lubricant specifically formulated for aluminum machining, cutting and sawing.
  • Replacing "mist" type lubricant and coolant.
  • Aluminum applications with post—heat treating.
  • Thru—tool applications.
LB-6100 Premium Heavy Duty
  • Premium heavy-duty metalworking lubricant with non-chlorinated extreme-pressure additives for machining, sawing, deep hole drilling and large diameter tapping.
  • Exotic and high nickel alloys.
  • Operations that generate a lot of heat.
  • Thru—tool applications.
LB-6800 Aluminum Sawing Lubricant
  • For aluminum extruders.
  • Non-staining and easily burns off during post heat treating.
  • For ferrous and nonferrous metals, aluminum and titanium.
  • Clean with soap and water.
PowerStamp II Heavy Duty
  • Superior heavy-duty metalworking lubricant with anti-wear and non-chlorinated extreme-pressure additives developed for stamping operations.
  • Operations that generate a lot of heat.
  • Machining aluminum and titanium.
  • Carbide die stamping.


  • Non-toxic biodegradable and environmentally safe lubricants.

Metalworking Lubricants

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