Muscle™ Coalescer FLEXOR Package


Avoid bacteria-related problems with your coolant!


  • Sump circulation is key to preventing excessive bacterial growth.
  • Bacteria will break down your coolant and create expensive problems for your shop.
  • The Muscle™ is recommended for use on individual sumps, operating day and night.
  • Tramp oil is removed and the sump circulates even if the machine's pump is off.


  • Permanent coalescing media accelerates oil collection.
  • 15 minute hold time.
  • Heavy-duty spin-welded fittings prevent leaks.
  • Fine Stopper (F15DF) captures fines. Five 100µ bags standard.
  • Crush resistant hoses can be customized. 4' standard.
  • Clean coolant returned back to sump via gravity.
  • Built-in siphon makes the coalescer easy to empty.
Recept (R):
  • Fits moderately tight areas.
  • Handles large fluid flux.
  • Moderate chip load.
Sumpster (S):
  • Fits moderately tight areas.
  • Handles low fluid flux.
  • Moderate chip load.
Hammerhead (H):
  • Fits tight areas.
  • Handles large fluid flux.
  • Low chip load.

Technical Data

How It Works
  • Dirty coolant is pulled from your sump surface using an intake attachment into the coalescing tank.
  • The oleophilic (oil attracting) coalescing media gathers tiny oil droplets that are too tiny to rise to the surface on their own.
  • The surface area of our media collects enough of them together, until they become large enough to float.
  • The floating oil is what the Muscle™ will catch.
  • Oil accumulates in the internal oil discharge skimmer and is manually discharged, as needed, via the spigot.
  • Clean coolant is returned from the bottom of the tank back to your sump via gravity.

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