BISON 7-823-1036 10" Size 3 Jaw Lathe Chuck

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  • Brand: BISON
  • Model #: 7-823-1036
  • Chuck Size: 10"
  • Spindle: D1-6
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Product Specifications
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Model # 7-823-1036
Chuck Size 10"
Spindle D1-6
Mount Rear
Thru Hole 2.99"
Tool Material Forged Steel Body
Self Centering Yes
Type Universal Scroll Chuck
No. of Jaws 3
Prop. 65 Yes
Series D1
Weight 80 lbs.
Country of Origin POLAND

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Bison D1-series Direct-mounting Standard 3-jaw Chucks. Bison direct-mounting chucks have a universal semi-steel body, i.e., they are made of high-class cast-iron. These Camlock spindle D1-series chucks can be mounted directly and do not require adapter plates. The chucks' jaw teeth, pinions, and guides are hardened and precision-ground to deliver long-lasting performance. The hardened-and-ground scroll plate, on the other hand, is drop-forged with excellent-quality alloy steel. All models in the series are complete mounting sets with three 2-piece reversible jaws, one wrench, and a set of mounting screws. These rear-mounting chucks are offered in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16-inch chuck sizes in D1-3, D1-4, D1-5, D1-6, D1-8, and D1-11 spindle nose types. They are specifically designed to be used with engine lathe spindles. Bison's direct-mounting chucks are self-centering chucks and have standard three jaws connected by a scroll plate to grip objects. These universal scroll chucks work best in holding objects with circular or hexagonal cross-sections. They ensure fast and remarkably accurate centering. The hardened jaw teeth perfectly align with the scroll plate. Thus, by rotating the scroll plate within the chuck body using the key, all three jaws move in unison to tighten/release workpieces. You can employ these chucks on lathes and indexing heads. They are widely used in the machining, mechanical, and manufacturing industries. The chucks hold the tools or workpieces on a lathe machine to rotate them on its lathe axis. The universal scroll chucks are primarily designed for gripping round, uniform-surface objects to achieve excellent machining results in applications such as turning, threading, sizing, etc. Apart from these semi-steel models, Bison has a similar range of precision-forged steel body chucks as well. They are rear-mounting chucks that are more durable than semi-steel chucks due to their tougher body.


  • Bison D1-series 3-jaw chucks are the best to hold tools or workpieces with circular or hexagonal cross-sections to rotate them on the lathe axis.
  • These Camlock-spindle universal scroll chucks ensure fast and accurate centering of objects on lathe machines.
  • These direct-mounting chucks do not require adapter plates.
  • The chucks’ jaw teeth are in perfect alignment with the scroll plate so that while rotating the plate, all three jaws move simultaneously to secure/release workpieces.


  • The D1-series direct-mounting chucks are primarily designed to be used with engine lathe spindles and indexing heads.
  • You can employ these 3-jaw universal scroll chucks for gripping round, uniform-surface objects.
  • Bison self-centering chucks are widely used in mechanical, machining, and manufacturing industries.
  • With these universal scroll chucks, you can achieve outstanding results in many machining applications, including turning, threading, sizing, and more.


  • Bison Camlock-spindle 3-jaw chucks have a universal semi-steel (cast iron) body.
  • The D1 series comprises direct-mounting chucks.
  • The jaw teeth, pinions, and guides are hardened and precision-ground, while the scroll plate is drop-forged and hardened with best-quality alloy steel.
  • The self-centering chucks come with 2-piece reversible jaws, a wrench, and mounting screws.
  • These rear-mounting chucks are offered in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 inches chuck sizes with varying spindle nose types.


  • (1) Set of two-piece reversible jaws.
  • Hard top jaws and hard master jaws.
  • (1) Wrench.
  • (1) Set of mounting screws.


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