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DANLY 1-1/2" Hole Dia., 3-1/2" Free Length, Extra Heavy Load, Yellow Die Spring

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  • Brand: DANLY
  • Hole Diameter: 1-1/2"
  • Free Length: 3-1/2"
  • Load Type: Extra Heavy Load
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Product Specifications
More Information
Hole Diameter 1-1/2"
Free Length 3-1/2"
Load Type Extra Heavy Load
Color Yellow
Material Chrome Silicon Alloy Steel
Maximum Deflection 25%
Maximum Deflection Load 1402 lbs
Prop. 65 Yes
Rod Diameter 3/4"
Type DieMax XL™ Spring
Weight 0.728 lbs.
Wire Shape Rectangular

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

DieMax XL Springs for Top Performance with High Endurance. Danly DieMax XL springs are known for offering maximum life. These D-shaped wires accommodate 15 percent more metal in every inch for ensuring long life. These best-in-class springs are vacuum-degassed valve springs made from industry-grade high-tensile silicon-chrome alloy steel. Thus, they can offer better performance even in hard and unfavorable operating conditions. The material also prevents micro-fractures. All the die spring wires comply with international standards and use the most popular ISO-certified die spring colors. This color-coding helps you easily identify them if ever you require to replace them. The color codes used for light-load, medium-load, heavy-load, and extra heavy-load applications are green, blue, red, and yellow, respectively. With Danly DieMax XL springs, you can find all load classifications with completely replaceable springs ready in stock. During operations, you can have maximum press uptime with DieMax springs. The wires come with long flat tips that provide a larger support area without breakage. The flat ends also keep the DieMax XL springs up straight, allowing for the easy application of vertical force. The ends thus prevent performance-harming torsion or bending. Danly has engineered the wires with a trapezoidal shape so that they do not have sharp corners or weak points. However, the springs have more metal incorporated in each coil for having maximum strength and endurance. Moreover, Danly has also taken care to provide a uniform spring force in DieMax dies springs by maintaining dimensional consistency. DieMax die springs are key to the manufacturing, metalworking, engineering, agricultural, and transportation industries. They are majorly used in clutches and brakes in the automotive industry. The springs are designed and manufactured to handle heavier loads than normal springs. Therefore, you can utilize this range of die springs for a variety of projects in a wide range of applications.
D-shaped wire packs 15% more metal into every inch for longer life


  • Danly DieMax XL springs exhibit maximum life as they contain more metal in their coils.
  • The springs can withstand and offer optimum performance even in harsh operational conditions.
  • The high-tensile silicon-chrome alloy steel material used to build these die springs prevents micro-fractures.
  • The flat ends of the springs keep them straight and allow for applying vertical force.
  • The long ends also prevent performance-hindering torsion or bending.
  • The dimensional consistency helps maintain a uniform spring force.


  • DieMax XL die springs are key in manufacturing, engineering, metalworking, transportation, and agricultural industries.
  • The springs are designed and developed to handle heavier loads than compression springs.
  • These XL die springs are used for a variety of projects in a wide range of applications, including in clutches and brakes in the automotive industry.
  • You can choose from green, blue, red, and yellow color-coded springs as per your light-load, medium-load, heavy-load, and extra heavy-load applications.


  • DieMax D-shaped die springs accommodate 15% more metal for ensuring longer life.
  • The springs are vacuum-degassed springs made from high-tensile silicon-chrome alloy steel.
  • The wires have long flat tips, providing a larger support area without breakage.
  • Danly designs the wires in a trapezoidal shape so that they do not have sharp corners.
  • All die springs from Danly comply with international standards and come in widely accepted ISO-certified die spring colors.

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