DIPSEAL DS-587 360 Degrees Melting Point, Clear Oil Free Coating 10 lbs. Wax Protection

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  • Brand: DIPSEAL
  • Model #: DS-587
  • Type: Oil Free Coating
  • Application: Type 2
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Product Specifications
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Color Clear
Type Oil Free Coating
Model # DS-587
Application Type 2
Size 10 lbs.
Melting Point 360 Degrees
Prop. 65 Yes

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Dip Seal Type 1 Coatings with Melting Tanks for Long-lasting Rust-prevention. Dip Seal type 1 coatings are the most effective solution for preventing corrosion on your tools and machine parts. These dip coatings leave a transparent oil film on the applied part, protecting it from rusting and rough handling. The transparency lets you see through and still recognize the part number, UPC number, and other details given on the parts even after the application. Dip Seals also offers you melting tanks with even heating so that you can melt the coating appropriately. These melting pots offer thermostatic controls to pre-set temperatures. The tanks are available in stainless steel or cast aluminum varieties. They come in round or rectangular models with 1-quart to 5-gallon capacity. You can also customize the tanks as per your needs. Also, you get thermometers and part replacements. The type 1 Dip Seal coatings are cellulose-based, and their recommended dipping temperature is 350°F. On dipping, you get around 1/16-inch thick film on your tools or parts, which protects them from nicks, corrosion, moisture, etc. These dip seals also help you cover the sharp edges or corners of the tools. The type 1 coatings from Dip Seals are available in green, blue, orange, and red colors or in a water-clear variety. The seals have excellent non-conductive electrical properties. They are non-toxic and can be applied to materials such as metals, glass, wood, and ceramics. The dips can be leveraged by machining, tooling, engineering, metalworking, medical equipment, and other industries. However, while melting them and working with them, you should ensure proper ventilation and use heat-resistant gloves, eye-protection gears, and OSHA face masks. Also, you should avoid mixing up Dip Seal coatings together. Moreover, these coatings are supplied in 10-lbs. packs.


  • Dip Seal coatings leave a thin film on the applied parts to protect them from rusting.
  • You can see through the transparent film and read part numbers, UPC, etc.
  • The coatings can protect your tools from nicks, moisture, rough handling, etc.
  • They also help you cover the sharp edges or corners of your tools, eliminating the chances of getting hurt at work.
  • Dip Seal melting tanks provide even heating to melt the coatings adequately.


Type 2


  • Dip Seal type 1 coatings come in 10-lbs. packs with different varieties of melting pots that you can choose from.
  • The cellulose-based non-toxic seals have a recommended dipping temperature of 350°F.
  • The coatings are available in a water-clear variety or in green, blue, orange, and red colors.
  • The melting pots are available in stainless steel or cast aluminum varieties with thermostatic controls.
  • The round or rectangular model tanks have a 1-quart to 5-gallon capacity.

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