EXAIR 5215 Produces Cold Air: 20°F, Air Consumption: 15 SCFM Cold Air Coolant System

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  • Brand: EXAIR
  • Model #: 5215
  • Produces Cold Air: 20°F
  • Air Consumption: 15 SCFM
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Product Specifications
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Model # 5215
Type Cold Gun Air Coolant System
Produces Cold Air 20°F
Air Consumption 15 SCFM
Cone Nozzle 3/8"
Hose Kit Single Point
Prop. 65 Yes
Temperature 20°F
Weight 2.8 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

EXAIR Cold Gun Air Coolant Systems for Precise and Powerful Cooling. EXAIR presents powerful Cold Gun air coolant systems that are perfect for dry machining. The systems deliver clean, cold air streams to cool down machining areas and tools. They offer noise-less operations as there are no moving parts in them. Also, they hardly get damaged and require less maintenance. They reduce heat generation during machining operations so that you get a longer tool life, enhanced productivity, and cleaner cuts. These high-power air coolant systems use a vertex cooling method that replaces mist systems. You do not have to purchase or find ways to dispose of cutting fluids, and thus, they are less expensive. These coolants can effectively be employed in applications such as drilling, grinding, sharpening, routing, milling, plunge, form, and surface grinding, laser cutting, band sawing, plastic machining, etc. Lightweight, portable air coolant systems offered by EXAIR do not cause burning, and the finished workpieces stay dry, unlike in the mist systems. They reduce breakage and prevent wheel loading and part smearing. They are provided with a magnetic base to achieve faster mounting, and the hose is flexible to direct the cold air stream to the cutting zone precisely while evacuating chips. Single-point hose kit models are ideal for drilling and grinding applications as they require a concentrated airflow. Whereas, Cold Gun air coolants with a dual-point hose kit are for band sawing, milling, hot melt adhesives, etc., wherein heat is generated over a large area. The single-point hose kits come with 3/8 inch cone and 1-1/4 inches fan nozzles, while the dual-point hose kits have 1/4 inch cone and 1 inch fan nozzles. The models have an air consumption of 15 or 30 SCFM. Moreover, the systems do not work on electricity, excluding the costs associated with it.
Models #5230 & #5330 - twice as much cooling as ordinary cold guns!


  • EXAIR Cold Gun air coolants provide streams of clean, cold air to cool down your tools and machining areas.
  • The lightweight, portable systems enable noise-less applications.
  • They enhance productivity, help produce cleaner cuts, and extend tool life.
  • They do not cause burning, and workpieces stay dry and free of chips.
  • The coolant systems prevent wheel loading and the smearing of machine parts.
  • They are more cost-effective than mist systems and do not need cutting fluids.


  • The Cold Gun air coolant systems are designed for dry machining operations.
  • They can be used in drilling, grinding, sharpening, routing, milling, laser cutting, band sawing, plastic machining, chill rolls, and similar applications.
  • The air coolants with a single-point hose kit are ideal for operations with narrow cutting zones where a concentrated cold airflow is required.
  • The dual-point hose kit models are meant for applications with a wide area of heat generation.


  • EXAIR uses a vertex cooling method in its Cold Gun air coolant systems.
  • The coolant systems have a flexible hose and a magnetic base, which helps you mount them easily.
  • They are available in both single-point and dual-point hose kit models with con and fan nozzles of different sizes.
  • The air consumption of the different models is 15 and 30 SCFM.
  • These high-power air coolant systems do not require electricity.


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