KOOL MIST 60M12 No. of Lines: 1, — Capacity Spray Mist Coolant System

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  • Brand: KOOL MIST
  • Model #: 60M12
  • No. of Lines: 1
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Product Specifications
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Model # 60M12
Type Misting Coolant System
No. of Lines 1
Power Air
Prop. 65 Yes
Size 1 Gallon
T Slot 5/8"
Weight 1.5 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Whether you are cutting exotic alloys or any other abrasive materials under high tool pressure, Kool Mist is your go-to cooling solutions provider. PORTaMIST 560 is a spray mist coolant system from the brand Kool Mist. The USA-based brand offers the most flexible, and environmentally friendly solutions. KOOL MIST 560 in discussion is designed to accommodate factory use cases like coolants for belt sanders, grinders, mill, and lathe. The coaxial line is provided to spray coolant from the nozzle in form of mist by combining compressed air. Further, it eliminates the tangling of unnecessary lines which greatly increases workspace capacity. Kool Mist PortaMist units are flexible coolant systems to be used with their own tank or sump. Users can move the spray unit quickly and easily, thereby offering less downtime for the operator. PORTaMIST kit model 560 includes: One PORTaMIST Model 60M unit including air and coolant hoses, Heavy-duty magnetic base, simple single-knob control, 12 inches flexible LOC-LINE positioner, One gallon Kool Mist coolant with a sample concentrated coolant. The company calls it a new coolant, Formula "77". It is suitable for mist cooling any metal or alloy to provide greater lubricity. It helps lubricate the cutting edge of the tool. It is particularly recommended in machining operations where tool pressure is exceptionally great. The coolant will not cause dermatitis, rancidity, or buildup. It is formulated to cause no rust or corrosion and dilutes well with clean water. Workstation, workpieces, and machine parts remain clean and unstained at the end of the operation. Care must be taken to avoid strong oxidizing agents with the coolants. Do not add nitrates due to the possible formation of nitrosamines which could be a cancer-causing agent.


  • 1-year warranty on PORTaMIST spray unit only.
  • No hazardous ingredients in the coolant supplied.
  • As defined in OSHA 29 CFR 1910, 1000 (subpart Z).
  • Contains no halogens or sulfides and is totally free of danger.
  • The coolant is harmless to operators and ends problems of mist fog fumes.
  • Formula "77" coolant eliminates double coolant inventory and cuts storage space requirements.
  • It will not rust equipment, stain machined metals, cause dermatitis, or plug lines and nozzles.


  • Works well on various belt sanders, grinders, mill, and lathe.
  • A valuable addition to CNC operations.
  • Keeps the blade cool and makes final grinding easier in some instances.
  • Safe for people, materials, machines, and the environment.
  • Use in the machining of any metal or alloy in any operation.
  • Applied in areas where the material is very abrasive.


  • Single Air/Coolant Control Valve.
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle.
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Base.
  • 12 inches Flexible LOC-LINE Nozzle Positioner.
  • Blue liquid coolant with a mild pleasant odor.
  • Coolant dissolves well in water to a clear solution.


  • PORTaMIST #60M12 Unit only has just the PORTaMIST unit which comes with air and coolant hoses, heavy duty magnetic base, simple single knob control, and 12" flexible Loc-Line® positioner.


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