LOC-LINE 59562 50 Piece Pack 1/2" Inside Diameter Hose Nozzle

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Item #
  • Brand: LOC-LINE
  • Model #: 59562
  • Type: Nozzle Pack
  • Inside Diameter: 1/2"
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Product Specifications
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Model # 59562
Inside Diameter 1/2"
Type Nozzle Pack
No. of Pieces in Pack 50
Prop. 65 Yes
Weight 0.5 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Flexible 2-piece Hose Valve Pack from Loc-Line. The Loc-Line check valve is for controlling the fluid flow in a one-dimensional fashion. You can easily place the in-line check valve anywhere on your hose to control the flow. Moreover, it is completely hand-adjustable and can be moved in position and length at any time without any trouble. It is a very beneficial accessory to accompany machine tools, coolant units, and EDM machines. This check valve is chemically compatible with alcohol ethyl, greases, oils, commercial dish detergents, and sodium hydroxide, and it is non-corrosive. However, it does not comply with acetone, gasoline, chlorine, acids, ammonium hydroxide, hypochlorite, ion solutions, etc. The two valves in the pack constitute a combination of acetal and Buna-N. The maximum operating temperature of this in-line check valve is 170°F, and its melting point is 329°F. Loc-Line adjustable coolant hose valve pack (model number: 32091) comes with 2 valve pieces with 1/2-inch inside diameter each, and it has an interchangeable nozzle that can have different diameter lengths, such as 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2".The Loc-Line in-line check valve allows the flow in a single direction, while it blocks the flow in the opposite direction. This one-way valve has two ports; one to let the fluid in, and another to exit the fluid. It works on the pressure differential between the input and output sides as it lets the fluid flow from the high-pressure input side to the low-pressure output side. Also, the valve closes in the inverse direction. Pneumatic systems work at lower pressure rates, so this would be an ideal solution for such systems.


  • You can place the Loc-Line in-line check valves anywhere on the hose, and make necessary adjustments with bare hands comfortably.
  • The check valves can operate at a high fluid pressure of up to 30 psi.
  • The hand-adjustable in-line check valves are efficient as they snap together with the hose and stay in place.


  • The Loc-Line coolant hose valves are meant to control the flow of a fluid unidirectionally.
  • They can be employed in coolant units, machine tools, and EDMs where you have to control the flow.
  • The flexibility of these check valves makes them adaptable in a wide range of applications, including pneumatics.


  • The Loc-Line in-line check valve individual pack has two pieces inside, each valve having 1/2 inch diameter.
  • The valves are extremely flexible and work well at high temperatures (up to 170 Deg F).
  • These in-line check valves are compatible with alcohol, greases, oils, dish detergents, etc., which makes them versatile.


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